The Case For Beckett Sennecke

The Case For Beckett Sennecke

As we slowly creep closer to the NHL Draft, we will focus on players who should be in range for the San Jose Sharks pick at number 14. With the Sharks having all but selected Macklin Celebrini already, the focus on what to do at 14 is the real intrigue for Sharks fans.

Beckett Sennecke
6'2" 181 pounds
Birthday: Jan 2006 (18)

Beckett Sennecke's draft stock has risen considerably since the start of the year. His draft stock was cemented with 10 goals and 22 assists in 16 playoff games before an injury shut him down. He has silky smooth hands and is just learning to use his 6'2" frame.

Beckett Sennecke is a highly skilled winger who is learning to become more consistent in his plays. He has the tools to be the next great power forward in the Sharks system. His ability to play with physicality and pace while also showing high degrees of skill could make him too good of an option to pass up if he's available at 14.

Sennecke has some of the best hands in the entire draft and a compete level to go with it. Not only can he dangle with the best of them, but he is an adept puck stealer, and his motor doesn't stop. As the kids say, he has that dog in him. Pair this with his ability to shoot the puck; you can see why a general manager will salivate over his potential.

Mike Grier and the Sharks have been looking to add players with high skill levels and high compete levels, and Sennecke fits that role. If and when Sennecke fills out his 6'2" frame, he could become an absolute monster on the wing for the Sharks. This, paired with 2023 1st round pick Quentin Musty, would give the Sharks more size and skill to pair with top-line centers (presumably) Macklin Celebrini and Will Smith.

Beckett Sennecke Hockey Prospecting Card

His stock might have risen too much to be an option at 14 for the Sharks, but if there is a run of defensemen, Mike Grier and the Sharks could benefit from Sennecke falling into their laps.